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Top Mobile Game Influencers You Should Follow in 2022

The mobile games industry is blowing up. With more than 2.69 billion players directing their attention -- and over $100 billion of their spending money -- to mobile games in 2020, the precedent has been set. And things are only getting crazier from here.

Mike Moran by Mike Moran

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The mobile games industry is blowing up. With more than 2.69 billion players directing their attention -- and over $100 billion of their spending money -- to mobile games in 2020, the precedent has been set. And things are only getting crazier from here.

In 2021, massive demand reigns. Players are expecting bigger, more, and better, and we’re all just doing our best to keep up. Precision. Innovation. Entertainment. Standing out requires giving them the best of the best, but how do we keep track of all the newness, the best practices, and the industry changes without losing our minds?

How do we remain part of something bigger -- a community -- while we’re chipping away at our desks? Where do we find camaraderie? Who do we go to for the insights -- and the comedy?

You know them as the booming voices, the intel-packed articles, and the quick-witted Tweets. They’re your mentors and your colleagues, your heroes and your friends. 

They’re mobile games influencers. And this year, we’ve compiled a whole new set of the best of the best professionals to fill your feeds -- and headspace -- with the good stuff. 

Introducing our top mobile game influencers of 2021, in no particular order… 

1. Eric Seufert

Analyst and Strategy Consultant at Heracles Media
Based in: Austin, Texas
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Mobile Game Influencers | Eric Seufert

Known for his straight-to-the-point musings, his wide breadth of knowledge on all things mobile advertising and freemium monetization, and his eagerness to share both with whomever asks, Eric Seufert is a mobile game influencer with the acumen to back it up. And that’s why he’s one of our favorites.

If you’re looking for clear, straight-shooting content that digs deep into topics like managing growth teams, the ethics of mobile game advertising, freemium economic case studies, or mobile marketing, then Seufert’s Mobile Dev Memo is for you.

Website, newsletter, podcast -- whatever your style, he’s got something. And if you ask us: they’re all next-level informative… in the most compelling of ways.

Follow Eric Seufert for the best-of-the-best, no-B.S., intellectually-invigorating content stream, including… 
  • An intel-packed website
  • An engrossing weekly newsletter
  • A podcast developed by mobile advertisers and app developers, for mobile advertisers and app developers

Check out his blog here:

Mobile Dev Memo & Eric Benjamin Seufert



2. Brett Nowak

Founder and CEO at Liquid & Grit
Based in: Marin, California
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Mobile Game Influencer | Brett Nowak

After starting the leading product research firm in mobile gaming, Brett Nowak still wasn’t satisfied. He was driven to spread that insight further -- and wider. 

Liquid & Grit, the company known for offering its clients actionable intel on new features, market shifts, and rationales behind top grossing games, is one of the most trusted voices in the industry -- but Nowak wanted to reach more. More professionals, more enthusiasts, and more hungry ears. 

Enter: the Liquid & Grit podcast. Co-hosted with Katie Kuffel, Nowak gears his podcast around bringing the industry’s top experts -- and their advice on strategies, trends, and features -- to the public. Accessible, entertaining, and covering a wide range of insights, this podcast is the real deal. (And Nowak’s evidence-driven blog posts aren’t so bad either.)

Follow Brett Nowak for the gift of perfectly-packaged knowledge which he -- persistently and expertly -- designs with care, including… 
  • Some thought-provoking blog posts
  • An industry-favorite podcast
  • A (free) quarterly report from Liquid & Grit (trust us -- they’re goldmines)

Check out Liquid & Grit monthly reports here:

Monthly gaming reports to make your life easier

3. Sophie Vo

Studio and Game Lead at Voodoo
Founder at Rise and Play
Based in: Berlin, Germany
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Mobile Game Influencers | Sophie Vo

A genuine expert at coming at all industry-related things with a human-centric perspective, Sophie Vo is paving the way for the next generation of games professionals. 

Whether it’s being sought after as a creative lead by studios big and small, producing an original MasterClass, or pumping out podcasts and blog articles based on her own experience, Vo is known for her industry philosophies -- and her productivity. Which makes choosing to learn from her the easiest decision you’ll make all day.

The founder of Rise and Play -- a knowledge-sharing platform that aims to inject the games world (and all who work within it) with more consciousness -- Vo is a pro at putting money where her mouth is. Offering free content, learning modules, and a complementary newsletter to anyone interested, she’s removing the barriers to entry for upleveled thinking. And pulling the industry to new heights as a result.

We’re huge fans of anything Vo puts her stamp on.

Follow Sophie Vo for unconditional access to the industry’s philosophical revolution, delivered through riveting content including… 
  • The Rise and Play MasterClass that everyone’s talking about
  • The leadership-focused Rise and Play podcast
  • The ‘Building a Dream Team’ newsletter (with all the advice you could ever want)
Listen to the Rise and Play podcast:

Rise and Play Podcast by Sophie Vo

4. Stanislav Stankovic

Creative Director at Northern Stars, Aristocrat Digital
Based in: Helsinki, Finland
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Mobile Game Influencers | Stanislav Stankovic

An indisputable specialist when it comes to the F2P mobile games industry, Stanislav Stankovic is as knowledgeable as he is passionate. And it’s that coupling of knowledge with passion that propels his blog into the top tier of online industry content.

From articles on the designs of game mechanics to complex game systems, from retention and monetization to the reward system, resource flow, and virtual economy, Stankovic’s corner of the internet obviously covers a high dose of the technical. 

But it also doesn’t shy away from the industry’s human element. With posts titled “The Reason I Make Games” and “Parent’s Guide to Mobile Gaming,” Stankovic’s blog proves time and time again that its value goes beyond product-focused insight, offering a transparent look into the opinions and realities facing all of us. Smart, diverse, and with a penchant for originality, Stankovic’s articles are the unfiltered industry lens you’ve been waiting for. 

Get hooked on his blog here.

Follow Stanislav Stankovic for content as candid as it is thoughtfully configured, including… 
  • His most technical articles, like this one
  • His most human-centric articles, like this one
  • His guest feature on the Mastering Retention podcast (where he covers the technical and the behavioral)
Visit Stane Island for some great insights: 

Stane Island insights into mobile gaming

5. Oscar Clark

Co-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Fundamentally Games Ltd.
Based in: England, United Kingdom
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Mobile Game Influencer | Oscar Clark

As one of the main sources of brainpower behind the esteemed Fundamentally Games -- a company that funnels games through their LiveOps, publishing, and user acquisition processes -- it’s safe to say that Oscar Clark knows a thing or two about the industry. And his extended resume, with stints as Global Lead and Home Architect for major mobile game platforms (ahem, Hutchison Whampoa and PlayStation Home), only adds fuel to that fire.

But Clark has never been one to keep mum on his intel. Whether it’s his in-depth blog posts on topics like ‘Design-Driven In-App Purchases: Creating Sustainable Monetization’ or his published book, Games As a Service, he’s gone out of his way his whole career to bring high-value insight to a wider audience.

And today, that’s truer than ever. Still pumping out articles and still sharing wisdom through webinars, Clark has earned the much-deserved title of a top voice in the industry. So it’s past time you got acquainted with all he has to say.

Follow Oscar Clark for the strategies he’s spent decades cultivating, which he delivers to his audience -- for free -- through content including…  
  • The intel-packed blog posts on topics ranging from social game design to the player lifecycle
  • The Webinars (like this one) that dive deep into the tips & tricks for navigating common industry issues 
  • The Mobile GameDev Playbook podcast episode that breaks down player archetypes and motivations

Read Oscar's intel-packed articles on

Oscar Clark's intel-packed blog posts on


6. Eric Kress

Principal at Gossamer Consulting Group 
Based in: San Francisco, California
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Mobile Game Influencers | Eric Kress

Approaching the games industry from a corporate strategy vantage point, Eric Kress brings his decades of experience in advisory roles to his games and tech-focused consulting business. 

Oh… and to the ears of his public audience.

With advisory stints at Kabam, Google, Amazon Web Services, Jago Studios, and WB Games, you already know his understanding of the industry is no joke. So if we were you… we’d pull up a chair and get listening.

On the business side of his day-to-day, Kress crafts strategic direction for games and tech companies looking to uplevel their products and market positioning. On the content creation side of his day-to-day, he’s one of the hosts of the Deconstructor of Fun podcast, which -- created by games professionals, for games professionals -- breaks down the business side of the gaming industry in a highly educational, highly inviting way.

We’re huge fans of the Deconstructor of Fun podcast because it makes even the driest parts of our industry engaging -- and entertaining -- by combining the latest in games news with the coolest in games professionals. Come for the intel, stay for the jesting.

Follow Eric Kress if you like to pair your data-driven understanding with a whole lot of fun, with up-for-grabs content including...
  • The podcast episode that breaks down where gaming is headed (hint: NFT’s are involved)
  • The podcast episode that looks at AppLovin and silver bullets in gaming
  • Killer educational posts like this one

Here's a sample of his content:

Customer Needs Framework for Game Design

7. Max Pears

Level Designer at CD Projekt Red
Based in: Poland
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Mobile Game Influencers | Max Pears

He’s experienced, he’s curious, and he’s chock-full of original takes; Max Pears is taking up some hefty real estate in the realm of online industry content -- and for good reason. The technically-gifted designer pens his own blog (with topics ranging from in-depth tutorials to game feature analyses) and leads his own podcast. 

Oh, and he runs a hyper-active, informative, and engaging Twitter page to boot.

But truth be told, it’s Pears’ Level Design Lobby podcast that takes the cake for us in his repertoire. In each episode, he breaks down a different game or level design technique, covering how and why they’re used -- and if and how they can be improved on. Featuring guests from all walks of the industry, this podcast already has four years’ worth of episodes locked and loaded. So… yeah. You know what to do.

Follow Max Pears for the no-holds-barred analyses you’ve been waiting for, distributed through...

View his website here:

Max Pears personal website

8. Nicole Lazzaro

Founder and President at XEODesign Inc.
Based in: Oakland, California
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Mobile Game Influencers | Nicole Lazzaro

A noted game designer and developer, Nicole Lazzaro was the first in the industry to track the emotions on players’ faces as they played -- giving games companies the data they needed to boost engagement. And making Lazzaro a pretty big deal in the process.

Today, Lazzaro’s The 4 Keys to Fun -- the data-driven how-to guide for boosting player engagement in games -- is relied on by hundreds of thousands of leading developers across the globe. In addition to the guide, her company, XEODesign, offers tailor-made game development and design services to games, VR, and tech clients looking to increase the intrinsic motivators of their users.

She’s been an industry force since 1992, but the truth is, she’s only just getting started. As a ‘Top 20 Women Working in Video Games,’ a ‘100 Most Influential Women in Tech’, a TEDx speaker, and a designer of the first iPhone accelerometer game, Tilt, Lazzaro’s influence is unmissable. Nobody knows player emotions like she does. Which makes her a fascinating -- and necessary -- follow. 

Follow Nicole Lazzaro for the exceedingly well-researched, human-oriented hot takes our industry needs, including… 
  • The revolutionary ‘4 Keys to Fun’ breakdown
  • The TEDx talk that left our industry riveted
  • The podcast guest features that she absolutely crushes (emotion in augmented reality, anyone?)

Download the 4 Keys 2 Fun for free:

Download 4 Keys 2 Fun for free

9. Jon Radoff

CEO at Beamable
Managing Director at Metavert LLC
Based in: Southborough, Massachusetts
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Mobile Game Influencers | Jon Radoff

If you’re looking to get comfortable with what the future has in store, Jon Radoff is the industry voice you need in your corner. Devoted to putting out an abundance of content surrounding “the next wave of exponential technology,” Radoff is a games maker and entrepreneur who’s unabashedly excited about what the industry has on deck.

With an entrepreneurial track record oriented around removing technological hurdles from the games industry, Radoff is a proven force in all things content creation, social networking, online communities, and games. But it’s his foresight into how today’s industry will intersect with what’s coming up next that really sets him apart.

Follow Jon Radoff to arm yourself with the future-thinking toolkit you’ll need to keep up with where the industry’s headed, including… 
  • Crystal-clear Metaverse explainers that you’ll actually want to read
  • Wide-lens trend breakdowns you can quote and quote again
  • The future-focused podcast that’ll leave you inspired

Listen to Building the Metaverse with Jon Radoff podcast:

Listen to Building the Metaverse with Jon Radoff podcast


10. James Batchelor

Editor-in-Chief at
Based in: England, UK
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Mobile Game Influencer | James Batchelor

James Batchelor is the go-to editorial influencer for a top-down view of everything that’s going on in the world of games. And that means he’s a must-follow -- but only if you appreciate the authenticated. 

Whether you’re keeping your eyes peeled for the most current news, the hardest hitting debates, or the hottest button controversies, Batchelor’s ability to source, explain, and distill is second to none. So that means keeping tabs on his fast-coming articles on is a necessity -- but with this influencer, more is on the table.

A staunch believer that there’s “more to games than guns,” Batchelor sparked a passion project around non-violent video games, putting together a blog and Twitter profile that release game recommendations on a near-daily basis.  From Pekoe, a game about tea and sentient cats, to Phantom Abyss, a game that has players race through temples while competing against the ‘ghosts’ of past players’ moves, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Follow James Batchelor to earn your spot in the “Most On Top of Things” category, keeping your finger on our industry’s pulse with content including… 
  • Top industry news that won’t stop coming
  • A (near) daily stream of non-violent game recommendations
  • Interviews and debates with top gaming professionals… in podcast form

Articles by James:

Articles by James Batchelor

11. Abbey Plumb

Senior Technical Program Manager, Unity Technologies
Based in: United Kingdom
Follow Abbey on LinkedIn and Twitter

Mobile Game Influencers | Abbey Plumb

An Ambassador for Special Effects Charity and Women in Games, a Mentor for BAME in Games and Diversity Champions, and a ‘Top 100 App Store’ and ‘Amazon Top 10 Best Sellers’ Project Manager, Abbey Plumb has her feet firmly planted across the games industry.

But her career is nowhere near done growing. 

As a games-focused project manager, Plumb’s passion for crafting fun experiences for players above all else shines through her work -- and her content. Eager to turn the spotlight on for her audience, her candid interviews and advice-driven pieces let anyone who’s interested catch an honest glimpse of the industry. And that type of content creation goes a long way. She’s an MCV 30 Under 30 recipient, a female empowerment advocate, and a much-needed voice for transparency in the industry. An all-around worthwhile follow, if you ask us.

Follow Abbey Plumb for the unfiltered truth about working in the world of games, which she describes with sincerity through content including… 



Final thoughts

The intel. The opinions. The voices. As the world of games evolves, you need to be armed with the right ones -- and now, you can be. 

We covered the best influencers to follow for big-picture news; we spotlit the right influencers to follow for innovative ideas and candid analyses. We showed you the ways to receive tips for industry navigation and we offered you the routes to achieving more clarity, insight, and understanding.

In an industry as great -- and ever-changing -- as ours, the professionals with the tightest grip on what’s new and exciting will be the ones to come out on top. So arm yourself. Follow the right experts. Check out the right blogs. Listen to the right podcasts. And give yourself the all-access pass to the industry know-how you deserve.

Now get out there and follow them.